Need help on using brush edit tools, more specifically the pen tool

I’ve searched around, looked at youtube videos, and the manual, and I still can’t figure out how the pen tool works when editing brushes. Can someone help me out here? thanks.

Well this sucks, I guess I will just play around and hopefully accidentally discover how to do things.

A little more than half way down the page.

I understand how to draw and close a shape. But I don’t understand how to fill it to make a face. Extruding it just makes it longer but still invisible. Anyone help?

Do you have “create brush shape” checked?

Yes I do have that selected. If you look at the image, after i drew the triangle , i can even extrude but it can’t be seen unless i select it by its name in the world outliner. Would you mind giving me a quick step by step on doing that? Thanks so much I appreciate your time and effort.

Not sure by what you mean “can’t be seen”. I created a quick shape using the pen tool, some sides appeared to be invisible until I put a temporary point light next to them.