Need help on the UMG Inventory tutorial


as the title says I am currently watching the UMG Tutorial and reproduce it step by step. The current step where I am is where we finished the player condition HUD (Game HUD). The tutor in the video starts the game, and the health, energy and mood bar shows up on the top left corner with the default value’s. Unfortunately my bars are all empty. I’m looking for like more than hour to look where my mistake is, what I might have missed or whatever. Found nothing. Thats why I made a small portion of screenshots and hope you can help me.

My FirstPersonCharacter BP
The values of “HealthValue”, “EnergyValue” and “MoodValue” are 0.75, 0.5 and 0.25.

The GameHUD BP

The percentage binding of each bar in GameHUD
This is only the healthbar, the others look similar.


I understand the whole process of whats going, but I must have missed something. Can you help me?

Could it be that your HealthValue is not a public variable? If you make your HealthValue, EnergyValue and MoodValue public (make the eye icon open), does that sort it?

ehm, you are trying to cast AController into ACharacter, i assume this fails and MyCharacter will be null.

Can you confirm that by simply take the cast fail pin and print a string?

Thanks for the answers, will check it later when I’m home.

Hm, I copied that from the tutorial and to me it makes sense. How else should it look like?

There’s a “Get Player Character” node that you can then cast to FirstPersonCharacter. Good spot !

Yea this should be a “Get Character” node. If you try to cast a controller to a character it will always fail. By definition it’s a controller and not a character ;D
Both were good catches as both could and should cause issues. Besides this everything looks fine :slight_smile:

You guys were rights, my fault here I mixed up Player Controller with Player Character ^^