Need help on stabilizing rigidbody bounciness ( any tips are welcome ) !?

Hi, sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question ! ( EDIT : we are new to UE4 so let me know if there is better place to ask )

TLDR; When the car is driving on flat surface it’s fine, but when it crashes it jumps a lot even with a 5000 kg ridigbody. Any tips on improving that !?

We were doing some vehicle physics work in Unity engine but want to move all to UE4. Most of the physics is already implemented but we got that weird bounciness of the rigidbody. The car is raycast based and not based on unreal vehicle types !

What we have done already to improve the things is:

  1. Bounce threshold velocity is lowered from 100 to 10 in physics settings
  2. Substepping is also enabled in physics and car component
  3. A physics material has been added to the car body where the Restitution is set to 0 and combined mode is set to Min for it and for the friction as well
    These are the things currently done but still as in the video car is too bouncy when hit some bump !

EDIT : also

  1. car weight is 1500kg
  2. inertia tensor is scaled to 1.2 for all axes
  3. The conter of mass is lowered a little below the carbody center

What could cause such behavior as in the video ? We would guess it’s related to the physics system and rigid bodies in general. Is there anything known in terms of setup for racing games ?
Any tip is really welcome. Thanks !

Hi, we are still looking into a way to improve the rigidbody stability.
Any tip is really welcome !

@_Vagabond This may come pretty late, but I’m having the exact same problem… Did you find any solution for this?

Hey @Herobrine20XX, yep… a bit late, sorry !

But yeh what we actually needed to do was implementing sub stepping in C++

Here are a couple of posts where you can read about it:

After doing that, the vehicle was stable for us even on 20-30 FPS

Cheers !