Need help on sockets

So I was working with the UE4 animation starter pack and following this tutorial:Attaching To Sockets - #5 Unreal Engine 4 Animation Essentials Tutorial Series - YouTube

I wanted to attach a cube to a socket, but the problem is I can’t find the socket, even though I have created it in the skeleton. The video says to put the cube (asset I want to attach) under Mesh in the animation stater pack character blueprint. When I click the magnifying glass under sockets (while cube selected), the menu doesn’t show any of the sockets I have created. I tried with another project following the same steps as the tutorial but I still get the same result.

Clearly the changes I make to the skeleton are not making it into the blueprint. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?
Plus the socket menu is just locked to the top left side. I can’t move it anywhere and I’m pretty sure its making me miss the socket search bar.