Need help on opening content in this project I downloaded

The content in question is from the downloads in the description from this video here : UE4 Mech Game (WIP)[download] - YouTube

The first download I figure is the one I am going to need since it would be before packaged. He states that he made it with blueprint only but when I attempt to make a new project with it it first asks if I want to copy it since it was from an older version (I’m using 12.5), then it gives me this message:

I really would like access to this project to learn from it, is there an easy way to get around this message? I have a feeling if I download Windows SDK v8.1 and Visual C++ I’m then going to need to figure out how to use those as well and it will get me to distracted on what I am trying to learn right now.

I would AT LEAST like to get a hold of that mech model to mess around with, as I want to focus on the programming end of things for now and save learning 3d modelling for later.

Additional Question: I noticed the mech has an Unreal logo on its back, did Epic release a content example for a mech somewhere? I looked around and could not find one if it exists

I don’t think I’m going to get around getting the visual basic and win SDK. When I get home I will try it and if it works I’ll mark this as the answer. I found this post here that I’m basing this off of C++ errors - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums