Need Help on how to make projectile scale on melee Damage

Ok guys I want to make a projectile scale on melee damage. So the deal of how I want it to work is Get Character Melee Multiplier- Multiply the Value to the projectile base damage. and thats pretty much it, but I just cant find how to set up the function, event or what nodes I need to use to get the current Melee Damage Multiplier. I just cant find it appreciate the help in advance.

Ok so I found the variable, and What I would need to do is extract the value from it, and multiply it by the level up gain, the problem is it says its an static array and blueprints do not support it, here a screenshot.

Ok So I figured out I can use these variables for a macro yet I cannot see their values does anyone have any ideas what causes them to change?

Finally got it…Thanks to Encryption for the help.