Need help on how to make my game run faster

I made a game on UE4 but on high quality, it runs really slow on a pc with Intel I7 and GTX 1040, which is a descent pc rig, and I want my game to be playable for lower graphics card rigs, but I don’t know how too make mi game run smoothly on lower specification pc’s. Any help?

It is important a more precise information on your rig, even more on things that matter:

  • i7 (cores/threads?)
  • RAM ?
  • Graphics card model xxxx (1040 does not exist)
  • VRAM ?
  • Amount of triangles in the scene
  • Texture sizes in average used by models
  • Is there any postprocessing active?
  • Which is the type of lights in the scene? (static, stationary, dynamic)
  • How many actors in the scene?

There will be more questions depending on your answers…

i7 and 1040 is not decent rig, i would say it is minimal specs for any game in development.
You will finish and release that game at best in 2-3 years. On release date your current setup will be like i5 with GTX570 is now.

However graphics is not all. If you want your game run on minimal specs, do it low poly, mostly unlit, or some basic lighting materials.
Most gpu power is used on lighting, so make it simple, use stylized graphics. WOW, fortnite, most mmos use that silly cartoony graphics not because it looks great (imo its ugly and overused) they use it because that type of graphics does not require complicated lighting, and it can be run on toaster PC.

UE has several tools to profile your game