Need help, on how to deploy UE 4-27 and UE 5 with AZURE

I’m basically desperate right now. I’ve been trying for months to be able to use the Unreal engine to no success. I bought an Alienware and even that won’t allow me to use It. I was, however, able to download The version 2.17 and had it running but you can most certainly tell it’s quite outdated . I want to be able to use the unreal engine 5 and twin motion and I already know this is not at all possible on my machine(s). so I have an azure account right now . and every time I try and go and create a resource ( virtual machine ) and I choose the size of it there never is an option for GPU it’s always greyed out. I was told and read that in order to upgrade to a GPU you would need to request a quota increase. well, I tried to do that and if you do not have a paid subscription then I guess you are SOL? so I’m wondering if anyone knows what exactly I need in order to run the unreal engine in azure. there is an option to upgrade without talking to them I don’t believe GPU is included but too many options available I have no idea where to begin. if someone could assist me it would be greatly appreciated . thanks

Why doesn’t it work on your alienware outside of azure? What exactly is the issue you’re facing i.e. is it hardware limitations?

Perhaps someone can point you in the right direction if its not a hardware limitation but Windows acting up etc.

Hi @desertswan,
Why dont you look at my posting on building UE5
Visual Studio 2022 Preview is 64 bit and compiles and runs UE 5.0 EA approximately 20% FASTER - Development Discussion / Unreal Engine 5 Early Access - Unreal Engine Forums

BTW you have to apply for an Azure Dev Ops account.
and to configure GPU try
Configure GPU for Azure Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Docs

All Azure is VERY expensive. Why would you want it when the Alien PC is configured correctly?. It is so GPU SLOW over the internet. Compiling UE5 will cost a fortune and take 4 hours!!, yes someone asked me to try this.