[Need Help] Multiplayer

I’m surprised there is’nt a networking, online section on the forums that deals online stuff

so I’m trying to set up multiplayer (any other extra info on this would be great, like fore example connect via IP) and it seem to only work one when I tested it if at all

so I first time I tested it there was no destroy session caller or anything like that I was just testing it to see if it works

the first time the client was able to find the server but it didn’t load the map, if anything it kinda ‘reset’ the main menu

the second and every time after that, I couldn’t find the server, I believe this is because it probably launches already connected to the server case the debug prints show up on the client, but they never lode the map

is there a cache file somewhere I should delete?

This may help: http://cedric.bnslv.de/unreal-engine-4-network-compendium-released/
Also this guy has good video tut: [UE4 - BP Tutorial] Multiplayer Session - Introduction [1/7] - YouTube
There is also advanced session manager plugin.

Best choice for sessions and server browser is C++.

For me finding sessions worked, you probably did not setup all that player connect disconnect stuff correctly (which is not obvious to do). So your server may be full and you cannot find it again, or something else silly like that. Hard to tell.

Ok I think what I have instead is a Replication problem (everything is at default)

anyone have any ideas what should and shouldn’t be replicated?

So I’m noticing that to get online multiplayer to work I’m going to have to redo a lot of my code, this is a small problem cause I’m trying to set it up so you can play on a local machine and play 4 player split screen on that screen (kinda like Rocket League)
If I change it to work for online multiplayer will it still work on a local machine?

ok, I’m trying to edit a parent class for a Weapon and I’m trying to change a function so it only runs on the server, but I don’t see that option in the Details panel
but when I make a custom Event in the same class it shows me the options
I thought that Functions and Custom Events were about the same thing

also I noticed the function doesn’t even have the name listed in the details panel