Need help Moving code for Nvidia Waveworks to integrate into sperate projects.

Please excuse my ignorance i know nothing about c++ with unreal but this question isnt so much about coding itself.

The Situation:
I have Nvidia Waveworks in ue4 but the only way i can start this project is through Visual Studio 2017 and when i go to project browser instead of saying the engine version number is just says other instead of like 4.25. Anyways because the whole Waveworks system is running off of visual studio i am not able t add it to new projects which is my ultimate goal. I generate a visual studio project for a new UE4 project but after that it still only says “Generate Visual Studio 2017 Project” while ive been seeing everyone has a “refresh” or “open” option under file tab. Is there any way to “copy” or something of the sorts the code running waveworks into a seperate project?