Need Help Modifying Blueprint from Drag and Drop Tutorial by Wes Bunn

Hey Everyone,

I recently followed along and set up the drag and drop inventory system from Wes Bunn on Unreals Youtube page here Drag & Drop with UMG | 01 | Live

My problem is that I want to implement a button that will drop items directly from the inventory and also a button to use them from the inventory. I have it completely set up the way it is in the final video of that tutorial series at the moment. I have messed around with using items but so far all I can get it to do is use the item that is in the first slot only. If I have other items in the inventory it does nothing when I press the Use Item button that I made. It also does nothing if I move an item from the first slot to any other slot and then try to press the Use Item button.

So at the moment it works with the first slot only and here is my blueprint set up for that:


which runs this function:


If anyone has any experience with this tutorial and has gotten this to work completely, please feel free to share your knowledge! Thanks a bunch!

Never mind, I was able to figure it out on my own. All that I needed to do was create an event dispatcher for the inventory slot button and retrieve the clicked slot from that and pass it through to everything.