[Need Help] Modify PrimalInventory live

I was able to modify the PrimalInventory Default Inventory and Default Engram but it doesnt seem to reflect in game

If i modify it manually by editing the blueprint, yes it show in game
If i modify it using graph (was able to debug output and it’s modified) but it doesnt seem to reflect in game (tried to die in game too)

Ok, here is what i figured, the default inventory and default engram is what your character get when you first create the character (newly created)

What i’m trying to do is to modify the learned engram list (to add certain engram at certain level)
Cant really find where to modify this yet. Anyone have any idea?

Update with change in question

If what you mean is modifying engrams / inventory at run-time, right now its not possible. And it’s not looking like there will be support for it for awhile, if it’s even possible.

If you just want a new engram to show up in game simply add it to the primal data under “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes” and it’ll show up at the end of the engram list for all players to be learned

nah, i want to add engram into “learned” engram list using blueprint
Been searching around –> dont think it’s possible yet