Need help modding the Chat Window UI


I’ve created a mod that tweaks the ChatBoxUI, however, when I create a mod, the ChatBoxUI file doesn’t gets cooked, the game loads the mod with no usable files in there.

But when I create a Total Conversion, those files gets cooked and uploaded and can be used.

Could someone tell me what I should do?

if i can find it theres already a post about this i believe its in the 200 update post

Edit ino its a bit of a read but in the comments!)-Survival-of-the-Fittest-download-Total-Conversions-Mods-Maps

could you explore more for me?

how do i create a sub-class or child class to inherit the original “PrimalGameData_BP”?

To make a child of a parent class, click the blueprints button on the top bar and select create new class then search for the PrimalGameData_BP and create the child.


cant you just drag n drop the PrimalGameData_BP and on the popup select “create child” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, both options works :slight_smile: