Need help Modding Mortal Kombat X (Android)

Hey everyone i’m here to search for some help i’m experiencing a few issue, I need to open the cooked android .upk (to mod the game) sadly i haven’t found the UDK version (download) used to create .upk for the game.

So i managed to extract the “Game” with QuickBMS and this worked fine, looking at the we got that.


I didn’t know there was an UDK version 2014-06, does someone have it ?

Ps: The goal is to replace files inside the cooked .upk but still the .obb need to be repacked which is a problem too >_<.

Did a quick search, from what I can tell that game was not intended to be moddable, therefore you are potentially breaking the terms of service by trying to unpack the content.

You will not receive any assistance on these forums if that is the case.

Okay no problem, as expected, Well runing IDA pro with android libraries, i have all the game function, will make a custom apk i think… Since UnrealDev will never help in unpack/repack process, even for an UDK game just wtf.

You can close the thread i think.

Just because it is made with UDK, that does not mean the license allows the game files to be modified. The PC version appears to be moddable, but the android version (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) does not allow it.

We cannot condone (and especially assist) in such an act, as that is opening up a legal liability on us and/or Epic. For that reason, we will not be able help you with this.