Need Help Migrating

Hi all,
I really want to use a asset from the market place that is for 4.15. My project is on 4.13 and would be a massive pain to move to 4.15 for this one assest. Is there anyway I cant migrate this to 4.13 with out sitting there and copying the code node by node? I really don’t like the way UE4 have changed this and now limited users like myself to only use older assets from the store :frowning:



they never changed this, ue4 has never been backwards compatible. (afaik)
So no, you cant easily move it to 4.13

and depending on the asset, it might even never work in older versions.

As Luos said, there is no backwards compatibility (certainly not from 4.10 to 4.15 anyway).
But overall this is a question for the marketplace vendor. Have you asked them for help???

Meanwhile: Open 2 sessions of each version of the UE4 editor and try blunt copy & paste etc.
It won’t work but it may copy a few or most of the nodes involved (all probably w/o any links).
Obviously too if there’s plugins / C++ involved it’ll fail / crash UE4, but its somewhere to start. :slight_smile:

If its art assets you can export the assets in content folder to fbx or targa file, and reimport back into the older engine version, and copy/ remake the material noted, but it really not worth the time if its a very complex material.

Its just a UI assest. I cannot do a copy and paste as it doesn’t work from 4.15 - 4.13, it just crashes the editor, but from other versions I can.

I could also have both projects open and duplicate it, but it will just take a lot of time :frowning: