Need Help Mega scans grass

been working with mega scans grass not to sure how set it up once all the file folders are imported in to ue4. Can any one help? I contacted mega scans but they are taking a while

I figured out how to make some of it work but it kills performance trying to work with the basic 2k file but it apears invisable when applying the textured material to a obj plane. still need help

I think no one can help you, you should write down your Problem more exactly.
Do you have problems making the grass meshes, making the UV maps (both are normaly done in external programs and has nearly nothing to do with UE4) or is it the Material editor?

Ok So i figure it all out and what i was doing wrong. I am now creating a plane in blender making the material and adding in my texture files. every thing is working great shows up in ue4 and looks great and i believe it is all very optimized. However i cannot get it to show up as a double sided plane in ue4 even though i set it up as one in blender. can you help with that?

open your material inside ue4 and in the MAterial on left side should be a window with a option that says Two sided just select that

yeah figured it out just like that, i feel so stupid but hey it works now, thanks mate. It are those little things that can make and break ya