[Need Help] Map Making questions

  • What is max resolution of height map that can be import to Dev Kit? max i tried is 8129
  • Can we use World composition? I tried to use World Machine to split my map but when i import it inside, it messed up
  • What is the max size of the map? I set max size in World Machine to 20km (did google a bit and people rumor to be 20km), import inside UE4 and it’s the same with 8km version
  • Is there any Chat Channel that specific for Map Making? I know there is one for Mod Making
  • Is there any plan to upgrade Ark Dev Kit UE to 4.8? or is it 4.8 already? (I saw the loading screen of dev kit show up at 4.5 something)
  • Update later if have more (to avoid create multiple threads)

-8192 is the max
-see So you want to make a map - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums
-it’s currently 4.5.1, there’s a lot of devs asking for it…so here’s to hoping


They have stated that they will not be moving the codebase to a higher/newer version of the engine. They may however add in specific functions of newer versions that they want, and can work into the existing code.

Bad news then :confused:
There are a lot of function in 4.8 that is good for map making (was looking into Kite Demo but most of the function is only available in 4.8)

4.7 foliage shaders please :stuck_out_tongue: that’s all I care about