Need help making herbivores aggro on sight like carnivores

As the thread title says, I’m making seperate instances of a E.X. a Dodo’s AI controller BP and actual character BP. I can get them to stop fleeing when attacked and fight back, but I want to make them be aggressive to players on sight similiar to raptors/carnos/rexes etc. Comparing a standard T-Rex’s AI BP’s to that of the Dodo I cant find any variables to dictate that??

All Carnivores attack on sight right?

In PrimalGameData there are named teams… I believe Dodo is herbivore and on an inclusive list that specifies no aggro targets. If you change herbivores to exclusive you should see it attack you.

I am looking at the PrimalGameData.

For example, Dinos under Carnivores_Low has Targeting Team Exclusion List “TICKED” and inside the Team Name List, there are 5 types

  1. Carnivore_Medium
  2. Carnivore_High
  3. Herbivore_medium
  4. Herbivore_Large
  5. Herbivore_Medium_Aggresive.

So I can assume that They will AGGRO anything outside the Team Name List.

I have looked at Raptor and it is under Carnivore_Medium and I have seen them attacking Rex etc.

For Carnivore_High, its Exclusive and inside the Team Name List are Carnivore_Water or Carnivore_WaterPlayerOrTamed and I never seen a rex attacking sharks before.

but Herbivore_Medium has their Targeting Team List Inclusive “TICKED” and their Team Name List Empty.

However, Herbivore_Water is under “EXCLUSIVE” and have Carnivore_Water in their Team Name List & Dont Give Damage Team List

SoI shall safely asssume Exclusive means attacking anything not in the Name List and Inclusive is the opposite ?

Herbivore_Medium empty inclusion list… means they won’t attack anything. That makes sense to me.

As for Herbivore_Water… I don’t understand why it is an EXclusion list… I would have expected it to be an INclusion list that was empty (why would water herbs attack anything?)

Maybe it’s a bug? I mean, I noticed that Sauropod damage type is herbivore_medium instead of herbivore_large… so maybe they messed it up and meant for herbivore_water to an empty inclusion list.

And the funny thing is the Types are in the Team NAme List and also the Dont Give Damage Team List so it means Dont attack Sharks, if you were attacked, dont give damage to it?

Fiddling with team name overrides doesn’t seem to do anything. I tried to make a seperate T-Rex character with a unique name and attach it to team Herbivores. He’s still completely vicious. I can only suspect that maybe custom teams aren’t working atm or I’m not overriding something properly… (The map/level is set to use my mods gamedata).

Can anyone else confirm they can’t change Dino teams or am I missing something?

have you found a way around this? im also interested in the same issue pls share

i have found this thread i hope it helps

So basically it is in the AI controller.

I have a look at the AI later.