Need help making a videogame

Well, I want to do a videogame. I started making the object in Blender, but people told me it was better to do the animations in UE4, so, in which format do I export the object so that it continues being avaliable on UE4?(the object is a 3d model dog, with a skeleton). Blender gives me this options:

Is there any other program you recommend to animate? and to program? Can I animate an animal in UE4? If there is a project model already created to do this type of games, which is it?
After programming and all… I want the game to be viewed trought an Oculus Rift using TriDef 3D, will be any problem there? Also, I wanna add it a sensore that detects the movement of the head when you move it and thath reproduces thah move in the game, specifying, its the STM32F3 DISCOVERY Head Tracker. I need help, I don’t know which is the best solution!

Hi Moiety,

It seems like you accidentally posted this question multiple times. I’ll be closing this question and referring all response to the original question which is at the following link.

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