Need help making a turn-based battle system.

So as much as I’ve searched I can’t find tutorials for a turned-based battle system like Pokemon, or some older Final Fantasy games. Only thing “turn-based” seems to bring up is strategy games. So Im not really sure where to start or what all my system would need I’m pretty much a beginner. So if you know of any tutorials that would help that’d be great all helps appreciated.

There’s not much to it if you cut it down to basics. Essentially you’re just only allowing movement (whatever movement system you use) while it’s your “turn”. That could be as simple as a bool which switches every time you press a turn submit key.

My approach would be to set the time dilation of your character(s) to 0 when its not your turn. So, you press “T” to submit a turn, that changes the “YourTurn” bool to false, then sets all of your characters to a timescale of 0. Then when the other player (or computer) completes its turn, it does the reverse. This would also apply to allowing/preventing any attacks or inputs you have in the game.

There’s a few elements to it, but if you break it down into the core aspects you’ll be able to find tutorials on each individual part.

Hey Jmr100, I ran across this tutorial not too long ago, and think it’s a pretty good starting framework.

That seems to be a good start thanks :slight_smile:

Anything to help out a fellow Buckeye :slight_smile:

Ar you looking for something like this for battle system?