Need help making a racing game.

Hey guys, i posted this in the Answer HUB but didnt get any replies. So im trying again here.

I thought i would get some stuff going on a blueprint project. I havent done much in terms of Blueprints before so i thought i would throw together a quick game and see how stuff works. Now this gave me a bunch of different issues.
Im going to try and ask them all in one post so i dont spam the forums.

First of all. Im using unreal engine 4.1.1 (so no vehicle stuff yet).

Secondly, im having a problem where i have a Blueprint for my vehicle but when i start my game im going in the opposite direction to where the blueprint object is facing. Ill try to post as many pictures as possible.

Here is my blueprint graph for the Vehicle.

Thirdly, i havent seen any documentation on setting up a camera for my vehicle. (This is just a test mesh that i threw together in 5 seconds. Its facing the X direction.)
So i just followed the flying game example, where i added the mesh, parented a springarm under it, and then parented a camera under that, and then mooved the camera to the desired location. It works, but i think i did something wrong.

Last and not least, i think i need some help with the steering. I just cant seem to wrap my head around this.

Basicly what i want is when i press A or D (this i have set to Axismapping horizontal) I want my ship to roll on its side and slowly steer to the direction.

What im aiming for:

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for PC Abyss - YouTube (from 1:30)

There is a node called Linear Physics Velocity or something like that (Am not at my UE4 PC now) which you can use to roll on its side. You’ll need to use that instead of Add Actor Local Rotation.

If you want camera, which simply follow car without any ability to look around, you should only place Camera Component where you want and uncheck “Use Controller View Rotation” in its parameters. In that case SpringArm is unnecessary.
And you controls blueprint completely wrong, it is only small part, which applies variables to mesh. You missed the whole part, where this variables set and changed. To start with try that tutorial. It is much simpler and better suits your idea. And good luck!

Thanks so much, i was looking at the flying example and thats where i got that from. Im new to blueprints and dont know anything about C++ but im quite compitent in C# so im trying to convert my knowlage here.
Ill post the results, might be handy for someone else.

Thanks alot dude! This was exactly what i was looking for !

i really suggest that you up-grade to 4.2, i’ve done vehicles for a while now in various versions and to be very honest 4.2 is the quickest yet, also there are videos from the epic guys on their channel which will help you a lot

Oh okey, well, im kinda short on cash at the moment. But ill think about it. I really thought that the 4.2 was just for wheeled vehicles and that type of thing.

Anyhow, progress report, i have the steering done. But im running into further problem. Maybe this could be a good reason for me to upgrade.
This is what i have so far if anyone else is intrested.

The foreward moovement:

The steering:

And this is my new problem, the hovering.
Let’s begin with a brief explination behim my choises.
I started off by reading this: [Question] 'Damping' Motion in Blueprint? [Soft Gravity-Repulsion For Hover Craft] Video + Screenshot - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
So it seems there are 2 methods of doing this, first one is thrusters. Its my first option. But that dosnt seem to work for me, either gravity is taking over 100% and im scraping the floor. Or im shooting of into the sky and circling forever.

The thruster component is in the exact center of the mesh. Also i dislike this method personally, beacuse i want something a bit moore “stable” not so floaty basicly.

So i tried going for just having an offset on the mesh…well this gave me ALOT of jittering and its totaly unviable.

Basicly what i want is a non fancy way of making a hovering craft. Something that feels good to play first and then look cool secondly, what i mean is that if the hovering seems stiff i can always animate the craft.

Also thanx Geodav, you are the same guy from the UDK forums right? Making the Warhammer stuff?

EDIT: Got my 4.2 now, gotta do some reading up. But if its anything like UDK’s vehicles then you should be able to add invisible wheels right? And just let that handle everything?