Need help making a new kind of ore come out of rocks

I made a new ore (cinnabar), but rather than a new engram, I’d like it to rarely come out of rocks a la metal.

Problem is that I have no idea how do to this. Do I find the existing in game rocks and edit their drop values? Do I have to copy new rocks and edit their spawn list and put them into the world manually?

Please help walk me through this.

You can use DamageTypes to add resources to things but that would require a custom tool/weapon to assign the new damagetype to since the new damagetype will not be recognized by vanilla tools/weapons.
Example: You have a chance to get cooked meat from corpses and charcoal from trees in my flaming sword mod.
Only other option I know of is as you said, adding new resources to the map manually which opens a whole new can of worms - If you put a resource node at “location xx/xx” on TheIsland, it may be floating in the air or under ground on TheCenter or SE.

Can you just edit existing damagetypes to also add the new resource? I know that’s bad form but is it even possible?

And where on damagetypes do you add resources? I don’t see anything.

Yes you could do that but that would require editing core files and remapping the damage types which means your mod will need to be loaded first or the overrides will not work if any other mods edit the damage types.

On the damage type, look for “Override Damage Harvest Entries”


“Damage Type Parent” will be the damage type you are editing. IE: The pic is of the blueprint “DmgType_Melee_Torpidity_None_MetalWeapon_FlamingSword” which is also what the “Parent” is set to