Need help making a mod

Basically the mod will, for now, add in a Large Campfire.
The Large Campfire is needed to do the following:
-Have a 6 slot inventory
-Give more light and heat, at the cost of using up wood/thatch/sparkpowder faster.
-Be an engram
-Be craftable
-Be placeable

So far I can make it give more light and heat, and make it an engram and make it craftable.

I however cant seem to change its inventory, or make it placeable. Also, when i cook the mod and upload it to steam, if i load into single player or non-dedicated, the mod does not seem to work at all.

Make sure you have followed all of the steps in this video :

That would be TheRightHand giving you tips on how to make a mod, I’m pretty sure that he knows what he’s doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I followed it through twice, while it does answer most of the questions, it doesn’t help me edit inventory for the Large Campfire, and even though I can craft the campfire, I cant place it. Also, the mod still wont work in single player.

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Search for Campfire inventory BP copy it rename assaign it to your bigger fires PrimalStructure under inventory setting to your new inventory BP from there use that to edit inventory settings.