Need help like COUNTER-STRIKE game (GUns and health system, matchmaking multiplayer)

Hello guys, i would like make a fps multiplayer shooter game i need help blueprint matchmaking and weapon system do you have any idea ?

I have ideas.

Go on Youtube and watch some tutorials. Nobody is going to give you a finished product of this and there is a large amount of components so you need to break down the problem to smaller parts.

Guns and health: Google is your friend
Matchmaking like in CS: 1. You need a lot of players to make the system work. 2. That´s a very, very, very, very, very complex system. It´s not just about Elopoints, it´s also about K/D W/L, maybe even time and a lot more stuff. Forget it and make a simple Server browser or something like that or connect to a random session.

generic shooter pack on the marketplace covers most of the FPS basics with the exception of a matchmaking system if you want a good starting point (it does have server browser/lobby), but think about what you are asking. Noone is going to make a game for you just because you have an idea. Everyone has an ‘idea’, ideas are a dime a dozen. The will to execute your idea is the only thing that’s worthwhile.