need help killing my character

Hi guys so i have maybe 70 percent of my games engine complete. But i need to add a death scene . my game consists of increasingly difficult maps that has to be traversed without being spotted … however at the moment as a player im left feeling underwhelmed by the print string (you are dead) …

so ideally i would like to zoom into the player disable the controls and maybe have the player be shot with a physics bullet and have the players ragdoll take the place of the character . however this is not set in stone and i would like a variety of deaths … im not asking for a full rundown on how to achieve this more advice on how difficult it will be to achieve (This is our first real game) and we are a team of two with limited knowledge also this game is being developed for android

a very broad question i am aware but any advice would be great guys thank you

This will be medium-ly hard to achieve.

Any other questions? :wink:

Hahaha well i guess that does answer my question . (in retrospect it was a terrible non question) Thank you all the same lol

Seriously, though, the logic isn’t too hard. Remove your model. Place your ragdoll where it was. Have something control setting a physics impulse and zooming the camera.

Assuming you already have a ragdoll, anyway.

You dont need change the character only activate the phsysic


Nice. erWilly++

If you really wanna go bananas on ragdolls, check out this. My dear old friend Jonas made an awesome video series on ragdoll stuff. He covers all sorts of things, among them also how to shoot a ragdoll body with physics force bullets, how to get up from ragdoll state, how to get run-over by “cars”, all sorts of fun stuff. I can definitely recommend watching this:

You can actually change your model to a ragdoll in-place. If I remember correctly, you need to change the collision type of the character and skeleton, and make sure your ragdoll has a physics asset.

hey thanks guys i had moved onto the cctv system but thats now giving me a headache i will be sure to watch that video and take a look at that blueprint …ps i assumed that the physics skeleton was the rag doll but when i simulate it it looks terrible lol