Need Help installing Unreal 4

I recently upgraded to a new SSD, and took the opportunity to re-install Windows 8, and now, whenever I try and install Unreal, it downloads a .msi file, not sure if its an issue on my end, or if Epic are now distributing Unreal in this format, but I am unable to install this file format, as it reports an error saying that the file does not have a program associated with it.

Any help would be appreciated.

That’s correct, it is indeed a Windows Installer file (*.msi).
Accoring to Wikipedia Windows 8 comes with Windows Installer 5.0 preinstalled.
You can check your installation by running msiexec.exe: Press [windows key]+[R] and type msiexec + [enter]. If you get a popup everything should be fine. If not, you should try to install Windows Installer from your installation media.
Perhaps the file is corrupt? Have you tried re-downloading the file and trying again?

Hi SCarnegie,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this question as answered for tracking purposes. However, if you are still experiencing this please comment and let us know if splitDEV’s fix helped. Thank you!