Need Help In storing different blueprints ref inside a array or enum or structure

I need to store different blueprints ref inside an array or enum or structure .
Is it possible ??

Yes, it is possible with arrays. What are you trying to achieve? Might be able to help if you are more specific.

i have 2 ui …and in their blueprint files , i store their reference value inside a variable which is a public variable of another blueprint . But i need to store their respective reference in the same data type . Can u please tell me what should be the data type of the array ?
because when i try to make the array from their respective references It doesnt happen .

NOTE : both the references stored in a variable generates a different type .
eg: first UI name - infoicon1 — first reference type - infoicon1 widget object reference
second UI name - infoicon2 — second reference type - infoicon2 widget object reference