Need help in getting started with an RPG

Hey, everyone! As I have finally gotten a good enough PC, I now need to know where to go from here. I’d like to make a role-playing game, or otherwise known as an RPG. Can anyone recommend some good tutorials? Help would be appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!

What have you done so far?

Do you know C++? I would say RPG requires C++, with blueprints you can go only so far (code maintenace above certain size of project is nightmare with blueprints).

Anyway. If you do not know unreal, blueprints and not much about C++. Forget for now your RPG game, and learn blueprints and unreal first. Follow some tutorials, now around xmass you will get discounts about everywhere, so hunt down those discounted tutorials. For eg. udemy thay have good quality stuff that gets you started with unreal.

If you know C++ but not much about unreal, there is Battery collector tutorial. And again udemy has some tuts.

And get trelo acoount, make your roadmap before you get to RPG skill level. Like step by step what you need to learn before starting real game. Do not start and learn on the way, at some point your early code will be so messed up you will be forced to start from scratch. So save yourself suffering and while learning focus on smaller projects that you can ditch when you learned part of unreal that this project focuses on. Because polishing your RPG game will waste tons of time without you learning new stuff. For now focus on learning not on making game.

I’ve done nothing so far. That’s why I’m here.

Alright, thanks for the help!

Personal pref / strengths are a big part of game dev.
C++ advice is appropriate for RPG multiplayer / RTS.
But Singleplayer-RPG? Its doable in Blueprints imho.
‘Community Tools’ section has RPG sample projects.