Need Help Importing .OBJ From Blender To UE4!

So I’m very excited that I created my first model using Blender 2.7. I’m trying to get past the learning curve and figure out how to start piecing my own levels together to help support the Unreal Tournament project. To give you a preview here it is.

This is just a render of 2 poolballs (since I can’t type b4ll$) I put together. I have a separate .OBJ file with just one model ball. Now I understand that UE 4.2 now supports OBJ extensions and I tried to import my model not knowing what settings to use and all and I got the #10 ball to appear but it was in black and white. In the assets viewer where the model was located, there was 3 different materials that were the colors of the ball itself. I was just hoping someone could help me out and tell me what I’m doing wrong or if I need to change something in Blender when exporting? Also can someone give me a guide on importing into Unreal Engine 4.2? I’m really new when it comes to all of this. Thank you very much guys and hope you all have a great time on the forums.

PS: What do you guys think of my model?

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  1. just create the model
  2. import it + the textures
  3. create materials out of the textures
  4. assign the materials to the ball

correct me if i’m wrong but you probably skipped an important step in 3d.

Did you uv unwrapped and exported the textures?

i don’t really know if the obj format carries over the texture and material information to UE4 but a good practice would be to always uv unwrap your mesh and export the textures to separate file so that when you import your model to UE4 it already has UV coordinates so that you can make your material in UE4 and apply your exported textures to it.


UV Unwrap in blender: ://
You can also find a lot of video tutorials on youtube about it.

Hi 87Kevo,

I know UE4 support of .obj files is new. Here is a list of some of the limitations from our 4.2 release notes.

You can now import .obj files for static meshes!

The file format is very simple so keep in mind that it does not support the following features:

Vertex color importing.
Collision importing.
Tangent and binormal importing.
Transforms: The model will be rotated if not modeled with Z up because with OBJ importing we have no way of getting the source coordinate system.**

I made a simple UV Sphere and Box in Blender and exported these as .obj files. I’ve imported them into UE4 with the default settings.

Everything looks OK until you bake the lighting and because it there is no UV information set up the results are below.

You will need to set up UVs in order for the material to appear on your mesh once lighting is baked.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Thank you!

You’ll also need 2 UV channels named 1 and 2 (2 can just be a copy of 1). 1 is for the material/texture and 2 is for Lightmapping

You can create them in UE4 but they will be automated in their Unwrap development.

Wow you guys are amazing! Like I said before though I’m new to modeling and I didn’t unwrap UV’s nor did I know what to do in UE4.2 when importing. Glad to have a community like you guys around!