Need help importing model with Textures on it

I’m new to UE4. I came here from Unity3D a few days ago.

Whenever I import a FBX model the textures are not imported with it.

The rigged model only has about 9 textures on it and corresponding normal and spectacular maps.

Do the textures have to be atlased?

When I export from Unwrap3D Pro v3.0 using the embed textures option UE4 always crashes or never gets done importing or hangs up. This also happens if I choose the UE4’s import Textures and materials options.

How can I overcome these issues?


Just checking, but did you ‘tick’ the Import Textures option?

Yes I did. When I check Import Textures and leave Materials unchecked it brings them in but does not assign or put them on the model. Thanks

what 3d program are you using?

Thanks, I am using Unwrap3D and I have also tried running the models through the Autodesk FBX converter and got the same results.

what are you using to make the 3d models? I know export from max works to setup material channels and unreal imports them however it doesn’t except full color data(as far as i know) but it does setup the material and the channels for the object. you then just go into whatever channel you need and apply your texturesample or color etc. and it updates the channel… I havnt done an unwraped object with

I had similar problem whith materials and textures import and simply uncheck the overry fullname and the combine meshes buttons in the import panel, and it works

The models I am trying are models that I bought from various vendors like Arteria3D. The models worked fine in Unity3D.


Thank you! I will try that today.