Need help importing! Also I do not understand Blueprints

Ok so I am trying to import an ak47 model and a rig I made in maya 2016, they are separate files. I used the standard Maya ik to build my character, so how do I import these files?

Also do I import an animation from maya or do I animate after I import it to Unreal engine? I am running 4.8.3.

Another question to save thread space. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not understand Blueprints. I know C++ the only thing is I do not know how to use C++ with Unreal. If that makes sense to you.

  1. just import the character - do a double click on it - switch to the animation tab - click on import/or just export both in one file and import everything together
  2. you create the animation in maya
  3. just take a look at some basic bp tutorials and after that everything should be clear -> it’s much easier than C++ :smiley:

Uh which animation tab in maya or unreal? Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit; One more thing! Can I do the animations in unreal if I need to? Also if I do animations I have to make separate scene saves with different movements right?

  1. when you have exported the animations separately, you have to import them in the animation tab in the ue4 editor :slight_smile:
  2. yes, but you get a better result when you do it in your 3d program -> when you want to animate in the ue4: open the skeletal mesh - click on the record button - move the bones -save it
  3. I dont know how this works in maya, but in blender you just create different “actions” -> so everything is still in one file