Need help identifying plugin to migrate blueprint!

Hi guys
Deadline tomorrow and tryin g to simply migrate a blueprint.
Unfortunately I (think I) used a plugin but didn’t take notes.
here are 2 nodes to process arrays, REVERSE and SORT.

Attached are screen grabs of the old blueprint I need to migrate and the new one.
I tried installing latest version of Ramas’ Victory plugin but the Reverse and Sort do not match.

Does this seem familiar at all to anyone?
Also quite unusual is that in the old project I do not see the Victory plugin installed!


depending on the versions your up or downgrading to the syntax my be incompatible also project specific plugins will be located int the plugin folder of the actual project and engine plugins will be located in the plugin folder of the Engine installation. Unfortunately the folder structure of engine plugins is wonky so its difficult to guide you further than the root folder.