Need help :) How to swap position between character and specific objet/actor/pawn by clicking ?

Hi everyone, I miss some logic and i could really use your help if someone has advice for me

I’m trying to create a puzzle game in first person.

I have difficulties to create a mecanic that when you the character click / aim on a specific object (red cube) they swap location, as a “double teleportation”.
The character takes the place of the object and the object takes the place of the character.
The goal is not to shoot any projectile just to click over. But i’m currently trying to fake the trace by shooting an invisible bullet

I tried by tracing the hit actor to only occurs teleportation when i click the red cube. The red cube is set up with a custom channel named “Orbe” which i tried to use in array with get hit under result but it failed.

The input “Right Mouse Click” is to swap> Check by trace > Branch is the Red cube being hit ? True : Swap places / False : Do nothing

So far i can teleport to an actor i clicked on. But never just the class / channel i want and this is not a swap …
I joined sceenshot of the level and the blueprints
Thanks :slight_smile: