[Need Help] "Ghost crates" Supply drops

Hi Ark modding community!,
I made my first mod “Better Beacons” that edits the contents of the beacon supply drops and everything is working except every once in awhile these “green ghosts” show up. I call them “green ghosts” because the light beacon is there but there is no crate and they don’t seem to go away. The little “ball” on the top changes a bit like they normally do when the crate would touch ground but it never goes away and there is no crate. I have checked my modified green crate file against the original and absolutely everything as far as settings go is the same. The only difference is the contents and I really didn’t edit much on the greens so I’m stumped.
Now today I was double checking everything and noticed a “Bonus supply crate item class”, “Bonus supply crate item give interval” & “Bonus supply crate item string” in my TestGameMode BP, all are populated. I do not remember seeing that before the “free weekend” and I also don’t recall seeing any green ghosts before the free weekend either. I did notice that the “ball” on top of these ghosts seem to have a blue tint to them that a working green does not. Could that be what is causing them? If so, how would I go about finding what is calling for them and make it stop? If not, what could I be missing?
One last thing, I can not 100% verify that everyone is getting the ghosts either. There are very few comments about it compared to the number of subscribers. So either people just don’t care and aren’t commenting, or not everyone is getting them.
Thanks in advance!
P0k3 out!

All you can do is unpopulate the bonus crate bits and see if it fixes it.

I reckon you’re right: they were added for the free weekend to distribute those Steam codes… but they never cleaned up the BPs and just stopped the crate/item spawns by reversing whatever code hack they did to insert them.

Hey thanks for the reply. I have not yet narrowed it down, not really even sure where to look anymore. I have checked out the supplycrate spawning volume on the main map and don’t see anything new in it so I’m really stumped on this. All I know is that I’m 99.99% sure this issue did not exist with my mod until after the free weekend.

Did you ever figure this out?