Need help getting UE to list additional Video Capture Devices - OBS

I’m trying to push some live camera feeds into UE4. If I setup a ‘MediaBundle’ I can see video capture feeds. However, I can’t get UE to see my OBS feed. It sees ‘SparkoCamVideo’ but not OBS. I have OBS setup and it sees all of my external camera feeds. I just can’t get it into UE.

How is the ‘Available video capture devices’ list generated in UE? I’ve attached a screenshot that shows the missing OBS stream.

The only info I can find online talks about using OBS to capture gameplay and record or stream it. I don’t want to capture my screen, I need to place a camera feed on a static mesh in the game is that a virtual studio.

bumping because I too would like to know. On the OBS virtual cam page it acknowledges a similar issue with unity OBS Virtualcam | OBS Forums