Need help getting TP weapon mesh to detach from player on drop, mesh stays attached when unequipping the weapon

With my current setup, my weapon template has 2 meshes. One for the first person view, and one for the third person view, same goes for my player (arms mesh and body mesh). Using a notify, I can toggle if the weapon is equipped or unequipped which triggers through the equip and unequip animations. In first person, this works perfectly, the first person weapon mesh (which is the root component of the weapon) properly attaches into my hands and detaches when dropped. When switching which weapon is equipped (primary/secondary) the first person stuff works fine.

However, my third person mesh of my weapon will attach to the hand socket on the body player mesh when picked up/equipped, and then will not detach from the body, even when the weapon is dropped, and is visible when switched which causes each weapon to overlap. How would I go about fixing this?
I’ve been at it for hours and have no clue how to solve the issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a visual of what’s going on:

First Person - Screen capture - 33183dad32ba7f2d6e845f847f563410 - Gyazo

Third Person - Screen capture - 3f0e88a3efa60be97efa1696842bab09 - Gyazo

Notify Blueprints:

First person - Screenshot - 5c4207b97202c7f2b586e962a94bab04 - Gyazo

Third person - Screenshot - 1ef0a01cd10c0fb3579854790039b304 - Gyazo

  • also should note this bp has the return node connected, just didn’t when I took the screenshot.