Need help getting started with dedicated Servers

Hi all,

I am actually pretty new to Game developement, I have spent about 1 1/2 years on developing some simple basic game functions.

Now I and my brother consider making a small Top Down RPG (like Diablo or many others). But there comes already the first problem.

We both would like to have a dedicated Server running. We would like to have a seperate Loginserver and a Gameserver. We are now searching for some advice where to get hands on.

Our goal is to keep all the player related data stored in a MySQL database. And we would like to make a Server system just like in Diablo 2:

First comes Loginscreen -> Character selection -> Lobby(Chat with a list of open games or the option to start a custom game) -> Spawn character in world

So this should be the basics of the system we would like to have. I know there are several tutorials out there pointing how to make a dedicated server, but I have the feeling that most of them don’t fit my needs, so after spending hours of hours of searching I was hoping to get some good advice here on the official Unreal Engine forums.

Note: We don’t want to use Steam, we would like to have a standalone server.

This all doesn’t need to be big, we just want to learn how to manage those things.

So if anyone has some advice on how to get started with this, I would appreciate it very much.

What we got/know:

  • How to create a Loginsystem
  • How to create basic game functions (walking, attacking, inventory, some HUDs, spawning enemies, etc…)
  • We have downloaded the UE4.19 source form github and compiled it

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I’m actually trying to understand this:…dicated_Server

But we would like the Gameserver to be running the game behaviour, which means I would like to be able to “tune” the game from the server. Like editing some experience settings, drop settings and stuff like that.

Old post but I’m looking to do the same. Standalone MySQL server built. I just want direction on how to do it right and sometype of guide. I hear using the gamestate is critical.