Need Help Getting Speedtree to make Ideal Vertex Normals

I need some help in getting my speedtree models to point their vertex normals out from the trees origin.

I’ve been trying to attain good vertex normals in UE4’s speetree editor with little success. Basically I want the vertex normals to be pointing outwards from the tree’s origin to get really nice even lighting across the trees leaves. I’ve messed with the speedtree editor’s built in normal editing and it’s not really getting the clean result I can get from 3ds max.

Another thing I tried doing was exporting the speedtree model from UE4 to edit in 3ds max. It looks fine in 3ds max when I apply the textures to the tree. However, when I bring that model back into UE4 the mesh is broken in a lot of ways. The trunk looks like it’s z-fighting, the uv’s look messed up, etc. It may be worth noting that it works fine with .obj format (.obj format just doesn’t support multi-materials and other stuff I need with .fbx so it’s not a viable solution).

I hope I’m missing something in speedtree where this is already a built in feature because I would rather not have to take trees through 3ds max in order to get good vertex normals.

Any help on getting these vertex normal issues from speedtree sorted out would be fantastic.

Here’s a comparison of the speedtree model vs the same model with modified vertex normals in 3ds max (Ignore the trunk).

I’m interested in this as well. Did you ever figure it out? Perhaps you’ll have more luck on the speedtree forums.

Just posted on the speedtree forums. Hopefully I’ll get more luck over there. I’ll post back here when I figure out how to do this.