Need help from people who understand the engine well.

Hey guys, several days ago i took a full dive into UE4. So far it has been great and i already have learned a lot. But of course it couldn’t go without a “facefull into the wall”.
For some reason the textures on my terrain material lose resolution over time. So I redid the terrain material, and it was great for couple of hours, and then suddenly it is low res again… i am lost. What’s happening?

Secondly when i press play (FPS template), the viewport becomes really pixelated, that did not happen before, how can i fix this?

The second problem can be fixed by going to settings -> engine -> scalability or something like that and setting resolution scale to 100%.

The first is odd. So you never changed anything but it suddenly loses fidelity over time? Could this be a memory or performance issue? Not so sure about this.

If you go to Settings/Enginge Scalability settings it’s likely they got dropped down to a level lower than what you had before. There is a checkbox labelled “Monitor Editor Performance”. If that is checked, and the frame rate in the editor gets too low for too long, it will automatically drop the quality level down to accommodate. You can uncheck that checkbox, and you should no longer get the “degrades over time” effect you were seeing.

You are my idol.

Turns out both issues were connected to scalability. Engine scalability settings had gone to minimals, that affected all of it. Thanks for your input too :slight_smile: