Need help from a "professional"

Okay so i need help from some one who is used to using Unreal Engine 1.0, if u know one or if u are good with that old engine, please add me on skype: wegare97
or simply just reply here on this thread! Thx :smiley:

It might help if you post the question or questions that you have on this thread. I think you’ll find more people respond that way :slight_smile: Also, is there a reason that you haven’t updated to UE4?

Thx for quick response, and sry for slow respond :stuck_out_tongue: But yea there is a reason, i need help with a game that is in UE1, and i want to try to change some game files, you see i’m a speedrunner :slight_smile: And i need to modify some files (which is allowed, checked with forum! But noone knows how) to make my runs faster :slight_smile: