Need help from a map maker :)

I`m looking for a mapmaker to help change a anspect of the map for me, for payment ofc :slight_smile:
Is this a possebillity?


The first of all you should say what you want to change ? and how much work it will be … i dont want to speak for all here … but i do thouse things for fun and not for money ;D

I wanted to di it myself, but im new to this, less then a week:p i want to add a empty cave for base building.

befor 3 weeks i had no idea how all of it work and the most i alredy dont know but with looking in the Original Map and looking som tutorials its getting better ;D all you need is Time ! allot of time …

I`m all for learning how to di it myself, but i would need a step by step guide to teach me then

Go to the wiki : Mod:Modding - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki, we’re trying our best to make all documentation available about the dev kit there.

You should first familiarize yourself with the editor with these videos : /playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gYbijKCuaxlHvCMvp2tPgaP

and then look at the map TheIsland, to understand how things work :slight_smile:

I understand the basics of it. i just dont understand or know how to dig out/make a cave inside the landscape/rock or mountains

Can you guys just tell me how to start? with files to copy and where to put the new mapfolder ect?

Make a “hole” (should be in the landscape editor) then use rocks/a small landscape to make a cave, check out how they did it on the island for tips

I want to add it to a place on The Island map tho

So load the map up, going to take a while so go do something else while it does this. save it, mod it, save it as some thing different than before…etc
TheIsland_edit3 and so on, if you do something wrong you can take easy steps to go back so you only lose a little bit of work instead of hours.