need help for rising storm 2 vietnam map contest


im trying to get into map creation for the rising storm 2 vietnam map contest.

sadly i have no idea where to start, because the official rs2 vietnam sdk from steam is not even launching

“Failed to find default engine.ini to retrieve my documents subdirectory to use. Force quitting.”

known issue: Failed to find default engine .ini Force quiting :: Rising Storm 2 - SDK General Discussions

second, can i use the ue4 kit to create maps for rs2 vietnam, which runs on ue3?

but then again i would need to sdk for their assets

All content submitted must be allowed to be distributed with Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. This means submissions must be completely original content, modified/unmodified versions of Tripwire Interactive’s games or you must have full permission from the original author to use their content in this contest.


If it’s made with UE3 then you can’t use UE4 for anything, they aren’t compatible. If they have mod tools for the game then you’d have to download those to work with it.

is it possible to download the ue3 sdk from anywhere or is it discontinued and not officially available / supported anymore?

You have to use the Rising Storm SDK.

No, UE3 was never available freely. UDK was a version of it but wasn’t the same thing, plus each game can make changes to the engine that would require getting the tools directly from the developer.