Need help for photo realistic texture

Hi !

I do not find, how to create this texture look :

My texture look this :


I don’t know why …

I use megascans studio for create the texture.

Sorry for my bad english ^^’

thanks for help :slight_smile:

Did you use a bump map to at more detail to your normal map?
Also, a leafy ground would have a subsurface, or just more contrast variation.

It’s just a matter of making your material look like a photo (as if that makes it easy). It can take a lot of tweaking in many different areas to achieve photo realism. (For the curled up leaves, your could create a mesh that looks like a curled leaf and place it where you need to)

TBH though, those screenshots on the “real displacement” article don’t look like they were just created in SD and dropped into UE4. They look like there is some heavy editing under the hood, in the material editor. Sadly, I don’t fully understand the material editor yet to help you much with that.

That material is already nice looking, Achieving complete photo realism, unless your doing Architectural Visualization, is unnecessary in my opinion.

I know this wasn’t super helpful, but I try.

Hope this helps!

Thanks you ! i use this for the bump :Screenshot by Lightshot

how to add detail to my normal map? looks this : Screenshot by Lightshot

I also never understood how people can make such good looking materials. I mean i would basically have an idea how to layer it, but every single attempt will immediately fail due to an unexpected behaviour of the material editor.

With the incredible amount of free textures and tools available one would think that there are hundreds of examples available. Insert alerting failing sound
You have to buy it. Or spend weeks if not months to figure it by yourself. Knowledge is free they say, now mix your own antibiotics :smiley:

look in megascans studio : Screenshot by Lightshot
look in UE4 : Screenshot by Lightshot

where is the problem ? light , texture ? i do not find

same problem for tutorial …


i found this : Quixel | 3D world-building made easy
Megascans Studio + UE4: Creating Ice and Snow - YouTube
ArtStation - UE4 Ice Lake

Part of it is lighting, part of it is parameters, such as the material’s glossiness. Your export settings from MegaScans might not be calibrated to UE4 either.

Also, I recommend modifying your textures A LOT if you’re going to use MegaScans. People will recognize those textures from that library easily and it’s always better to add your own touch to these things anyhow.

Edit: Also looked at your material graph. It looks like you’re doubling up on maps. Do you understand PBR? You only need the roughness map, and you can plug in a constant 0 for metalness since that texture doesn’t contain any.

ok i understand , this texture is just for test, not for the real game , how to “doubling up on maps” ? thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

my new texture renderring : Screenshot by Lightshot

No problem. :slight_smile:

By doubling up I meant you were using both glossiness and roughness. They’re both the same map (same information, just inverted/flipped). So you just need the roughness map.

Tweaking your spec values with a scalar constant could help your results as well.