Need Help for my RPG Stat System

Hello, I’m new to the forum. If I posted the help request in a wrong Topic, please tell me where I should post it then.
Currently I’m working on a RPG Stat System as said in the title and it works good so far. The stats for health, stamina, damage etc are correctly applied to my character. I’m using a “Do N” in the blueprint so I can decide how often I can put points into the skill. For testing purposes I used a maximum amount of 3 points per stat.

The problem is now that if I close the Stat_UI Widget in the game and open it up again, I can put points into the skill again, even though I set the maximum in the “Do N” to 3 and the previous point “effect” are also still applied.
How can I fix this problem?
If pictures are needed of a specific blueprint I will provide it.

Since english is not my first language, please ask me if you didnt understand my problem.

Thanks in advance!