Need help for Football Management Game (newbie)

Please don’t take this as “im too lazy to do anything so i making people do it for me”; I need serious help to make this and the UI for Unreal is making the situation worse. I already plan to look tutorials on which button does what so that’s out of the way.

I want to create a game like **Football Manager**, **Soccer Manager**, and **PES Club Manager**, where the player will choose a team and take them to glory, or make your own franchise and make it the biggest in the world. My questions are what should I start with and how do I exactly make it? There doesn't seem to be any 2D templates anywhere in the editor so I don't know how to start. I initially want to make a start menu to get a feel for making all those buttons and things like that. Then add images and other parts that make the game feel real. Not only do I want to make it 2D, I want it to clash a bit 3D. Such as 3D matches for those who do not enjoy simulations.
That is basically all I really need help with. Thanks in advance if you do answer this. If there is any other additional things I really need to learn before even touching anything on Unreal, please say so. :)