Need help for DWalker Log

Hi guys, hello everyone. I bought a brand new laptop and I was pretty much excited to try UnrealEngine on it since my old one wasn’t able to run it properly. Sadly when I downloaded it, I had the error “0xc00007b”. So I searched a lot about it but nothing I tried worked well.
That’s pretty much how I found about DWalker on the forum. But now that I have the logs i’m just lost af .-.
Can anybody help me ?
Here is the log file : link text

Hope someone can help me. Thanks !

Hi Akamir,

Sorry for the delayed response to your post. From your description, it sounds like you are having trouble running the Launcher itself, correct? We recently made some changes to how we provide support for the Launcher in order to improve our ability to help troubleshoot problems that may be occurring there. Please visit our Support Center for any problems that are specifically related to the Launcher. You can use the Email Us link there to submit a support ticket for further assistance.