hello everyone,
I am not sure if i am posting my query in the right forum. Currently i am learning UE4 and have got pretty far from beginners level. I am planning to make a small city simulation game just like SIM CITY (if u take it as a reference). I am quite very experienced with MAYA and 3Ds MAX and have the models made, i want to know that how to make GRID based snapable game objects like roads and building. Just the essential stuff, nothing extra.
I want to know how to make a small building turn into a skyscraper. I have the logic with me, of using variables for happiness and density and correlating it with building size and people. Also, i am not a scripting guy as i am from a art background so the BLUEPRINT system is the only option for me.

Sorry, if my question seems vague to you all but i really need help.
To sum up i need :

1. Grid based Snapable meshes(game objects) only the basics i.e. roads and buildings.
2. progressive city building ( turning a small building to a skyscraper)
3. Achieving all with blueprint system.

I hope i will get my query solved.


Hello kasana, i too have a similar background, and if you want to start right away i suggest you check out the Learn ptab in the launcher, there are some games. For meshes you can check BlenderSwap and use Blender export those models to fbx format, import it and then get some textures, or make them. I think you can make all in Blueprints. I would suggest to start with building a scene (like a beach or house etc), add some materials, get lightning right, experiment and well, it’s a process :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply unit23, But i am ready with the models and the textures. I just want to use them like they are used in EA SIMCITY for example.

I didn’t played that version but i guess it’s top down view, so i would start with such a map preset, then check what you require and look at all the examples and tutorials or look at google search when you have specific questions.

So let’s see you need a map, then some game manager who spawns entities (population), environmental impacts, various types of houses (fire station, home small, home big, factory etc…). Well in fact i think there are games in the Learn tab who cover some of the required Blueprint codes.

ok. i will see to that right away.

and sim city is in isometric mode with tilt shift feature when we zoom in for more closer view of city.