Need help for creating a board game

Hi everyone ! I’m looking to make a board game, and since I didn’t find any tutorials for that, I’m asking here. There are several features that I have trouble with that I want to put into this game :

  • A tileset with multiple junctions, where the player can go wherever he wants to (move forwards, backwards, or take a junction). I should add that moves are determined by a dice roll.
    -When a player is in a specific tile, he draws a card from a specific deck

These are the features that I have trouble with, since I didn’t find any help with tutorials. If someone could help me with these or link me to a tutorial that helps, I would be very grateful !

As with any game there are multiple multiple things going on - you’re probably not going to find a tutorial for making a complete board game (I could be wrong) - but what you will find is tutorials for the various elements you need in your game (like a card draw) - so I would first make a list of all the features you need and then search for THAT specific function

Sorry I can’t help you with what you actually NEED - just trying to give you some more ideas to help you find in a different way :slight_smile: