Need help for create new dino !

It’s a update from my old post… So I want made for exemple a new spino but biped. So I open Blender I cut the semi circle of the default spino and I join the semi circle on the Baryonyx. After that I use the baryonyx bones and I add a modifier ,on the “new spino” mesh , the armature to root and I select root. After this step I export to Spino.fbx and I import Spino.fbx in ARK DEV KIT. I create new folder " Animation " i retarget all animation of Baryonyx to the spino skeleton. I create the bp_dino and I click on play but the problem it’s my spino when him is animated him have this head in ground as the otrich :(.

If you can help me for fix this bug I add all people who help me to fix that in the description of the futur mod ^^.

Sorry if my english is bad ^^ I’m french but if you know speak french you can ^^. And if you have a video for fix that I want too ^^.

Good bye And thank you for read this message.

Help me plz !!