[Need help] Flashing meshes when teleporting

Hi everyone! I’m experiencing a problem that I don’t know how to fix. I’ve set up a teleport system that will move the player from a room to another when it cross a plane. Relative rotation, position and velocity are take in account, so the teleportation is seamless, but I’m having some annoying graphical artifacts that are breaking the illusion. Here’s the video showing the issue

As you can see, when crossing the teleporting plane, some meshes start to “flash”. Since I’m teleporting from a room to another one, I’m assuming this might be because of occlusion culling? Here’s a top down view of the situation if I’m not clear on the matter. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix around this?

Ok, I’ve disabled Occlusion Culling in the Project settings, and the issue doesn’t seems to shows up anymore. It’s fair to assume then that the problem was actually Occlusion Culling. However, straight up disabling it feels like a sin to me. Is there a way to manipulate the culling of the scene? I don’t know, maybe something like “Hey, disable occlusion culling only for stuff inside this volume and keep it for the rest”? Any other tips is appreciated. Do note though: for reasons outside my power, the project is being made in Blueprint, which mean I’m left out of all the nice things C++ can do.

  1. A fade in/out from black?

  2. You can try making the object bounds for the flickering meshes bigger.

  3. If you are streaming the assets, load first then unload.

Or else look into more of the occlusion culling docs ans videos.

Interesting, I would give this a follow.

  1. Fading is not an option, because the prerequisite is for the teleportation to look seamless.

  2. Not sure if that is going to fix the problem, all the rooms are completely occluded from each others, so I don’t think it would matter if the size is bigger or smaller.

  3. Streaming level could be an option, but since there are objects that need to move from a room to another, keeping track of those objects could be very problematic.

I’m doing some more researches into occlusion culling, maybe I can find a solution. As I said, I can always disable it but it really feel like the dirtiest solution possible. If someone already faced similar issues I’ll be more than happy to listen to the opinion of people that knows better than me.

I’ve definitely read and seen similar, so its out there, just need to dig a little. Maybe “working portal” is a good search term. I can’t find the right link but I remember looking at someone making a portal with another level seen through it and it transitioned to that level seamlessly.

Anyone with some tips for me?